Hello, and welcome to my learning log.  I have created this learning log as a way to showcase the work I have created for my Masters in Educational Technology courses through Boise State University. The EDTECH501: Introduction to Educational Technology course is the first class I have taken in this program.

The reason I am pursuing my masters in EDTECH is because I love to learn about the latest and greatest technology that is offered. As a high school teacher, I hear my students talking about the different technology they use and I feel like I am a bit behind compared to others. Why you ask? Well until this course I did not have a Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest account. So, needless to say I have finally joined the rest of the world. I am very excited about learning how to create a blog/website through this course, so I can create one for my classroom. I have already learned a lot, and can not wait to see what is next.


2 thoughts on “Home

  1. I am a middle school teacher, so my students don’t use as much technology now as they will in high school, but I do feel like I need to keep up with them and try to stay ahead of it.

    I wonder what the research shows, or if this is so new that there isn’t any reliable data yet. Do the students learn more or learn with more depth if they are using technology? Not just devices but apps, software, etc.

    I am hoping this program has the answers!


  2. Hey Julia,

    Clearly by the look of your blog, I have been quite delinquent. Good reason for that, I just got through with the Carnival chaos and revelry in my country, Trinidad and Tobago. I am completely exhausted and now trying to play catch up. Your blog looks fantastic. Maybe in a few weeks I would have completely re-designed mine.


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